Monday, January 4, 2010

Long Time No Post!

Hi everybody, 2011 is here and "Left By The Wayside" is getting ready to go into the studio and cut some of the new tracks. Unfortunately, the rumors going round about the possibilities of seeing the band at Mountain Jam, up at Hunter Mt., NY this summer are unfounded, anything changes you'll be the first to know. Had such a great time at the Apple Fest this past fall. Thanks to all who endured the cold temps to check out the maiden voyage of the "Wayside". Portions of video (shot by the wayside's official photog/historian Andy Cox) from that show soon to be posted here on the blog. Please tell your friends about the band. This is as grass roots as it gets I suppose but I didn't see any other way to go about this!! I'm loving the new direction!


  1. You guys sound interesting. Keep reminding us and we will keep checking.
    Above all, have fun!
    Put some audio streams to hook us in!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you guys play...I have see Rando and Frank play, they are the best of the best. This sounds like a fun band......Hope to see you at Hunter Mtn. Peace