Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nice pix Andy Cox!

Eat local first?...ok
Think local first?............ok
How about "Listen Local First" too?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The members of Left By The Wayside below.....

Left By The Wayside has been writing for the last 6 months. The chemistry is most electrifying thus far. This special group of musicians/songwriters are so much on the same page! I guess if you had to say what kind of music.........The Band meets John Fogerty meets Little Feat meets Keb Mo meets NRBQ meets the Allman Bros. Be sure and hear some of the new tunes at the Pickin Music and Apples Festival Sunday October 11th 12 noon, at the Wright's Farm 699 Rte 208 in Gardiner, NY.

Keith Slattery

Keith Slattery, a musician's musician. Left By The Wayside is happy to have one of the most incredible keyboardists to come out of the Hudson Valley! Man can keith tickle the old ivories if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vito Petroccitto Jr

Versatility may be something of an overused word in describing musicians. But when it applies, it applies. I've seen Vito Petroccitto play in so many different contexts that it's almost dizzying. He can rock out with local bar bands, provide expert back up for artists like Sloan Wainwright, David Roth, Professor Louie and Eric Garrison. Heck, even I've benefitted from his skilled musicianship when he provided an off-the-cuff arrangement for a tune I did at a library fundraiser. But it would never suffice to call Vito a "Jack of All Trades--or All Genres." He's more than that. Vito brings a level of commitment to whatever project he's involved in that I've seldom encountered in other artists. When he rocks, he rocks hard. There's no one more entertaining. When he does his solo act, he can be equally engaging, but he also brings a level of skill and genuine feeling to his performances that might surprise at first--but on further reflection, one realizes it's all part of the package. And the guitar work! I'm always telling other fans, "Yes, enjoy the humor, the stage presence and the good timey material, but every once in a while, just close your eyes, and listen to him play. You'll hear a whole new dimension to his work. And you'll come away suitably impressed."

Greg Callahan, Director (and Music Programmer)
Hyde Park Free Library

Frank Campbell

Frank played bass with the Rick Danko and Levon Helm duo tours of the 70's and 80's. From there he moved on playing with Steve Forbert, Cindy Cashdollar and relocated to Austin Texas where he worked with "Asleep At The Wheel" for ten years in the studio and on the road. He is currently playing with Professor Louie and the Crowmatix.

Randy Ciarlante

Randy Ciarlante is a musician best known for his work with The Band. He joined The Band in 1990, singing harmony vocals and playing drums. He played and sang on The Band's albums from the 1990's, including Jubilation and High on the Hog. After The Band dissolved, he joined the Jim Weider Band from 1998-2006 and continues to play occasionally with Jim Weider's Percolator band. In 2006, he joined The Organiks, a band based in Woodstock, NY in which he is a primary vocalist, songwriter and drummer, along with Bruce Katz, Jay Collins and Chris Vitarello. Randy Ciarlante has also been a mainstay of the Woodstock NY music scene since 1981 and has played with many of that area's leading musicians over the years.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's official, "Left By The Wayside" will perform at the "Good Pickin Apple and Music Festival" on Sunday October 11th, 2009. Details to come!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

first gig

First gig might happen as soon as October 11th (Sunday) in Gardiner, NY for a festival which celebrates local foods and grooves (music). "Left By The Wayside" will perform one set. Also on the bill are "The Powder Kegs", "One Step West", and many more. Saw the concert site today, mini woodstock, beautiful views of the Gunks!
"My mind plays games and it bites the hand, the hand that nurtures every tiny cell it controls"........LBTW

Monday, August 24, 2009

Where do we start?

I guess at the beginning, which is where we are. "Left By The Wayside" is more than just a musical group, it is a recovery of sorts for the musicians involved. These musicians have been around for a long time, traveled the world making music, and at this particular crossroads, have rediscovered their love for the music, their love for writing and creating as well. There have been only a few rehearsal/writing sessions to date and there is already a buzz going around about the band and it's efforts. The buzz is this, these guys just want to make music, they have something to say, and they would like to put out some new music that they can call their own. There will be plenty more news on this to come in the near future, but for now, bye bye and stay tuned. It's all about vision.