Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vito Petroccitto Jr

Versatility may be something of an overused word in describing musicians. But when it applies, it applies. I've seen Vito Petroccitto play in so many different contexts that it's almost dizzying. He can rock out with local bar bands, provide expert back up for artists like Sloan Wainwright, David Roth, Professor Louie and Eric Garrison. Heck, even I've benefitted from his skilled musicianship when he provided an off-the-cuff arrangement for a tune I did at a library fundraiser. But it would never suffice to call Vito a "Jack of All Trades--or All Genres." He's more than that. Vito brings a level of commitment to whatever project he's involved in that I've seldom encountered in other artists. When he rocks, he rocks hard. There's no one more entertaining. When he does his solo act, he can be equally engaging, but he also brings a level of skill and genuine feeling to his performances that might surprise at first--but on further reflection, one realizes it's all part of the package. And the guitar work! I'm always telling other fans, "Yes, enjoy the humor, the stage presence and the good timey material, but every once in a while, just close your eyes, and listen to him play. You'll hear a whole new dimension to his work. And you'll come away suitably impressed."

Greg Callahan, Director (and Music Programmer)
Hyde Park Free Library

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